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hug is a data driven platform which measures employee wellbeing, provides analysis of this to employers, and matches resources to those employees who need them most and where they will be most effective. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions on the resources they offer and provides much needed support and understanding to their employees.

hug employer dashboard
hug employee dashboard
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The founders of Pineapple are a team of pub and restaurant owners who want to transform the world of paperwork in their industry and improve the experience for everyone. Management and staff can record and view all of the paperwork and audit information that is required for their business to be effective and compliant. This functionality is comprehensive and provides: opening and closing checklists, training documents, specifications for food and drinks, allergen information, fridge temperature recordings, alarm data, staff information, etc. Users can see an overview of the tasks that need to be completed during their shift and can record and track them as they are done. Audit logs and reports can be made and kept in one place for later reference. Pineapple is in production across a number of venues and continues to see growth as more businesses adopt. Feedback from all users is very positive and the web app is praised for its stability and usability.

The Pineapple app running on a laptop and a tablet
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